Colors are essentials to expressions . Become part of the color scheme with your clothes . Most of us select clothes depending on our mood and emotions , some people like bright summer colors , like yellow , orange , who are more bubbly , lively in nature . While some are not comfortable with those colors . Colors reflect personalities . Select a palette that compliments your looks and make you feel comfortable . 


Be willing to experiment with colors . Examine the colors that suit you and wear them more often . You can create a distinct look with colors . To appear harmonious and most attractive , both you and your clothes should look like they belong together . You can wear virtually any color you want or need to wear . You just need to learn how to do it . As you experiment with colors , you will learn that its not only the color you wear , but the colors in combination that makes the difference . Its not only what you wear , but how and where you wear it .


The color may be wonderful and beautiful , but if the line and shape of the clothes dont fit and flatter the figure , the clothes dont work . So its absolutely imperative to wear clothes according to your body type . 


Chitrabalasubramaniam / CHIC

Like words to a poem and notes to music , color shapes couture . It can instantly transform the way you look and feel . Color offers a spectrum of inspirations . It can express moods and messages . The palette plays a crucial part in defining a collection .