" YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR "

     Your clothing style says a lot about your personality . Your clothing style can speak volumes about you before you even converse.

    The clothes we wear tell a lot about us , whether we love to follow trends ,  addicted to designer wear ,  our choices are purely practical ,  If we are confused about what we want to say with our clothing or are stuck in a style rut , & are unhappy with our day to day look , then it can have a knock out effect on our confidence . 

    Any clothes that prohibit you from doing your job well send the wrong message . What mesage are you sending to others through your clothing ? 


    Some can disagree with the saying , " I dont care what others think of me , Its who i'am " . I completely agree with that too , because i have had the same thoughts before , but later i realised through experience that its not what others think of me that matters , its about what my style say to me , how i feel about myself , Happy , sad , exotic , confident .... 

    How do your clothes make you feel ? 

    Many a times your friends would have dragged  you out of the bed  & told you " Get dressed up !! You will feel better " after your last break up , failed interview , lousy day .. she was onto something . 

    " When you dress in a certain way it helps to shift your internal self " explains Psychologist Dr Baumgartner .

    You should dress not how you feel but how you want to feel . ( Thats deep :) ) 

    Which kind of clothes make you feel powerful ? Sexy ? In control ? Wealthy ? 

    The clothes you choose to wear are sending a message to those around you , but also for yourself . Clothing can either project a good or bad image . 

    Knowing your personal style , color , body shape , & dress according to your daily roles  will in turn help you to acheive lot more than you think of . 

    Chitrabalasubramaniam / CHIC 



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