" you can have anything you want if you dress for it  " - Edith Head 

In order to be successful in today's competitive world , two things are most important . One is to get more opportunities which depends on being able to inspire confidence by managing one's appearance including clothing , grooming , body language and etiquette . The second is that once one gets an opportunity , one needs to perform . Almost everyone is realising the need to become better , in terms of inner strengths , as well as projecting them on the outside to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal , professional and social lives .


Image is the general impression that a person , organisation , or product presents to the public . Image is important because 

  * Your clothing & grooming affects the way you think 

  * The way you feel 

  * The way you act or behave 

  * The way others react or respond to you 

A positive self image affects our physical , mental , social , emotional and spiritual well being . Creating first impression is not one time process . It's an ongoing process of evaluating, controlling the impact of your apperance, the resulting response on you and others . 

  • Creating powerful first impression is an art and science . 


  • The science behind first impression is made of four elements . 





  • Visual cues decide over 80% of first impression . 



           " You can't climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure " - Zig Ziglar .

An Lifestyle Consultant is a professional who works with clients as a counselor or coach to

EVALUATE , ENHANCE, ELEVATE their self presentation - the way in which the present themselves in Personal, Social, and Professional situations.

Three questions keep evolving in the realm of our mind when we think about self presentation ...

HOW DO I LOOK ? We have a mental image of our physical appearance. 

HOW AM I PERFORMING  ? We have a performance image of our successes and failures.

HOW IMPORTANT AM I DOING ? We have an inner sense of our adequacy and value. 

We at CHIC help you project a great body image , improve your self esteem and social acceptance . Lifestyle Consulting is like an art form . The lifestyle Consultant is the artist . The canvas is the individual client . The medium is appearance and soft skills . We continually take in information to refine you.